Our Vision

Prominent District of Good Governance & Sustainable Development

Our Mission

  • Direct the District to Empower Human Life through
  • Creative & Innovative Resource Management
District Secretariat Anuradhapura

 Location and Physical Environmental background of District

    Anuardhapura District is bounded to the North by Vauniya Manner and Mulathiu  District and to the south by Kurunegala and Mathele District and to the west by Puttalam and Manner District and to the East by Polonnaruwa and Trincomalee District Largest Administrative District is Anuardhapura and covered 10.9% out of total land  area of Sri Lanka. Density of District is 717,900 heaters  and Population is 929,540.The District is  consisting of 7 Electorates ,22 Divisional Secretariats  and 694 Grama Niladari Divisions.District Secretariat is situated within the Divisional Secretariat Nuwaragam Palatha East in the Center of Anuradhapura.
    Lieutenant Mangasfil  had Served as Government Agent in 1835 afterwards 72 Government Agents had Served in Anuradhapura District . At Present Mr R.M.Wanninayaka executes the post of District secretary/Government Agent of Anuradhapura District.
Eight Sacred Places including Jayasirimaha Bodhi,Mihinthale Rajamaha Viharaya and Historical Temples such as Thanthirimale and Aukana Buddhist statue are in the District
    Ancient Irrigation System Consisting of Massive reservoirs including Kalawewa,Thisawewa Nuwarawewa, Abyawewa, Nachchaduwa wewa ,Rajanganaya wewa.
Our duty and the responsibility of district Secretariat is to being the leader for all the Government officers to perform in order to uplift the living status of the community through out Anuradhapura District
     Anuradhapura District has mild weather conditions without extremes throughout the whole year. The maximum temperature is about 32.9 degrees Celsius (91.22 degrees Fahrenheit) and the minimum temperature is about 24 degrees Celsius (75.2 degrees Fahrenheit). The North east monsoon season is from September to February. During which time very heavy thunder showers can be expected. The annual rainfall is about 1700mm.